Summer Fun 6-21-XX19 NO: #11

3d cactus Summer  is  finally  here!  I  hope  you  are  all  enjoying  the  warm  weather  as  much  as  I  am.

Well  the  ones  of  you  who  on  the  north  half  of  our  blue  ball  that  is. | U U |

E-mail 3-2-XX19 NO: #7

woops,  the  image  is  gone So  the  other  day  I  was  surfing  on  (A  great  site  if  your  into  the  retro  ironic  websites  of  the  90s)  Near  the  end  of  the  page  I  found  this  e-mail  gif  there  and  I  am  so  surprised  to  find  that  is  uses  Delta;  the  same  font  I  use  on  the  website.  I  personally  haven't  seen  anything  about  this  font  while  scouring  the  wired,  so  to  me  it  is  quite  the  coincidence  that  I  found  it.  Now  if  this  graphic  was  cyan  instead  of  green  I  would  be  calling  meme  magic  shenanigans.

owo What child is this? 12-25-XX18 NO: #5

anime girl in santa suit Here's a soykafepasta I threw together in five minutes. Just kidding, I have been working on this ever since last Christmas. |>//<|