congratulation 8-31-XX19 NO: #20

manga wedding bell I  wanted  to  congratulate  PoltFan69  and  his  lovely  2d  anime  monster  girl  wife  on  their  canon  mirage. wedding bell

If  you  don't  know  the  impossibly  stupid  story  on  how  a  weeb  from  /a/  used  his  muscles  to  hide  his  power  level  to  obtain  the  dream  life  in  japan  and  then  ascend  into  the  manga  world  of  Monster  Musume.

wedding ring here's  the  chronicled  telling  of  the  meme  magic  filled  story wedding ring

(I've  been  wanting  to  share  this  podcast  story  here  for  a  while)

Not worth it 8-24-XX19 NO: #19

College  is  so  expensive!  |T T|

TV Dude 8-17-XX19 NO: #18

Some  people  just  don't  get  me.

Summer Fun 6-21-XX19 NO: #11

3d cactus Summer  is  finally  here!  I  hope  you  are  all  enjoying  the  warm  weather  as  much  as  I  am.

Well  the  ones  of  you  who  on  the  north  half  of  our  blue  ball  that  is. | U U |

E-mail 3-2-XX19 NO: #7

woops,  the  image  is  gone So  the  other  day  I  was  surfing  on  (A  great  site  if  your  into  the  retro  ironic  websites  of  the  90s)  Near  the  end  of  the  page  I  found  this  e-mail  gif  there  and  I  am  so  surprised  to  find  that  is  uses  Delta;  the  same  font  I  use  on  the  website.  I  personally  haven't  seen  anything  about  this  font  while  scouring  the  wired,  so  to  me  it  is  quite  the  coincidence  that  I  found  it.  Now  if  this  graphic  was  cyan  instead  of  green  I  would  be  calling  meme  magic  shenanigans.

owo What child is this? 12-25-XX18 NO: #5

anime girl in santa suit Here's a soykafpasta I threw together in five minutes. Just kidding, I have been working on this ever since last Christmas. |>//<|